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I fell in love with a boy from Preston…

Originally published in the Preston is my Paris magazine and performed at the Valentine’s Day “Word Soup” spoken word event in the New Continental‘s art events room (with little red candles and roses on the tables and everything, it was lovely).

I fell in love with a boy from Preston. A boy who climbed its trees and played football down its cobbled, terraced streets. A boy who went to a good C of E school just around the corner from his own two-up-two-down with a loo still outside. A house that rattled with the cold but the fire was always on, a string of socks hung out in front to dry. A house that even with nothing, never went hungry.

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Margherita and Merlot

He shuffles in his slippers down the path of his 1930′s bungalow, with an empty bottle of Merlot in one hand and an empty nine-inch Margherita pizza box in the other. He reaches the recycle bin and takes off the lid. As he bends slowly to put the bottle and the box in, his eyes catch mine through the bus window and he looks ashamed. I wonder whether his wife liked Margherita and Merlot. The bus pulls away and the old man in his slippers shuffles back to his 1930′s bungalow.

New Year Writing

Just checked my Semester One module results and was pleasantly surprised. I’ve had a bit of a rocky Semester One and holiday period so was worried. The Research Methodologies module was a definite challenge and Writing for Film was fun but intense. Masters level writing and presenting is quite difficult to get your head round at first because it’s based in previous knowledge but with different expectations. I’m enjoying learning the skills and developing my talent for writing, but it’s not an easy route.

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The Lancashire Writing Hub

My time as an in house volunteer at the Lancashire Writing Hub (LWH) is coming to an end. It has been an enjoyable and informative experience that I’m glad I undertook. I have written a few reviews and interviews for them (links below) and also had the opportunity to organise a live literature night called Word Soup for which we had a cinema related theme of Words on Screen. Word Soup is a regular night at the Continental that offers local and national writers a chance to perform their work and watch others’. A great opportunity to get some feedback and also exposure.

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Rome and Italian

Just downloaded iTranslate, an app that translates English into Italian with an audio clip, and a dictionary. Hoping to learn a bit of Italian before I go to Rome later this year. I’ve been wanting to go for a few years, since I really got into Ancient Roman history. I now know how to order a beer in Italian. Read the rest of this entry »

How to write a Dissertation

It’s that time of year again when you know thousands of third year students are sitting in their rooms busily avoiding writing their dissertation. They give you a year to do it, but most of us know it gets done in the last week before the deadline. Mine was a study into the art of procrastination before I finally buckled down and thrashed it out. Read the rest of this entry »

Grimm Love film review

A love story of sorts, Grimm Love is based on the story of Armin Meiwes, a German man who posted an advert on a forum called the Cannibal Cafe “looking for a well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed.” He received several replies, but most of the respondents could not go through with the act. Read the rest of this entry »

Robert Harris – History Writer

Robert Harris’s books feel like they’ve been written for me. My favourite two periods of history are Ancient (Egypt, Greece, Rome; I love it all) and Modern 20th Century history. The former because the culture of the time forms the basis of the latter. Harris writes about both in his fiction work. Not only does the subject matter interest me, but he’s a fantastic story-teller. Read the rest of this entry »

Interesting collective nouns

Some of the uses of collective nouns remain in frequent use today, such as a swarm of bees, a flock of sheep, but the majority of collective nouns are the territory of the serious word nerd. The ones that have stuck seem to be those that are descriptive of the animal, or alliterative, such as a gaggle of geese. Read the rest of this entry »

Essay Writing – a few things that make writing an essay a much easier job

Universities are locked in a gruelling battle with the internet. It can be said that easily accessible, throw away media has turned students into creatures of the viral world, that the very thought of books terrifies them. I have to admit, in the University library in my town, I see more students sitting downstairs on facebook than I do in the ranks of books upstairs. The opposing view could be that students minds will be enriched by the vast wealth of information available on the internet. Read the rest of this entry »