In alphabetical order, some links to people/companies whose work I like/admire/aspire towards. Check them out.

Daniel Meadows Professional Digital Retouching

Founded and owned by (would you believe it) Daniel Meadows; high quality digital retouching with a focus on fashion and beauty. Daniel has a lot of experience and is internationally renowned for his work.

Design by Izo and Lightsweep

Both run by the lovely Ian Hex. Design by Izo is his identity and branding design and typeface website, whereas Lightsweep is his exciting new venture into HDR photography, which I am extremely glad he has embarked upon as the world needs his photography.

Divided Productions

Phil Meachem‘s film production company.

Genesis Flux

Chris Cronin is owner of Genesis Flux, film production company.

Jacob Sam-La Rose

Jacob is a poet and educator based in London, but working internationally to create life changing experiences through literature. I work part time with Jacob on various initiatives such as the Shake the Dust slam poetry project.

Thud Dub

The home of Mark Mace Smith. Poet, photographer, multi-media artist. His website has some of his work on it, but if you ever get a chance to see Mark perform live, seize it with both hands, you will be ecstatic that you did so.