Sofie Fowler

Writing thoughts, notes and scribbles…

In the Bathroom

Found in an old notebook with “In the Bathroom” scrawled at the top of the page.

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Part of the material provided for an art therapy group I worked with. Please excuse the comic sans and gradient, NHS budget apparently doesn’t cover graphic designers. Sharing because I love the sentiment.

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Spider Spider

Spider spider, spin your web.

Catch the shadows in my head.

(Found on a post-it in an old notebook.)

hello rabbit

A story I wrote at work a long time ago. I was unhappy and trying to distract myself. Read the rest of this entry »

Teenage Games

He smells of smoke and sugar. Through a hazy mind and toxic blood, he touches me. Gently but purposefully. On my collarbone. His eyes dart left to right across my eyes, as if he’s trying to catch his own reflection. I wonder if he’s daring himself to say what he wants to.

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My side of the bed

Midnight fridge ranting.

A story about Lancaster canal…

Originally published in the LEP, this was my first bash at writing a short story since school. It reads a bit like a script, probably because I wrote it in the middle of my Screenwriting BA.

Lancaster canal ends at the top of a small hill, overlooking an industrial yard. It is surrounded by trees; oak and beech and ash. The water at the end is a dark brown. Rubbish rests at the surface, green slime coating the edges of bottles, crisp packets and beer cans. The handlebars of an unwanted bicycle poke through the thick matt of algae. Read the rest of this entry »

Lovely Questions

I found this in a notebook from a few years ago. I was drunk (you should see my handwriting), and appear to be moving through the angry with men, into the glum self doubt stages of my drunkenness.

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Have you got any ID?

Identify me with you.
Other half, better half,
Anyone other,
Anything better.

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Half remembered arguments.

The shower is always the best place to think, and to re-live the arguments you lost.

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